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Proof collection gold and silver coins

Non-ferrous and precious metal coins and planchets.

    Proof collection gold and silver coins

Proof quality is the highest quality of gold and silver collection coins and medals.

Mirror surface and matte relief imaging are the result of special planchet and tools processing. High metal purity is officially certified. Each coin and medal is supplied in a separate pack.

Available technological facilities make possible minting unique one-kilogram proof quality coins and medals a hundred millimeters in diameter.

Coin from the series Space, Space
Face Value 50 tenge
Fineness white German silver
Diameter, mm 31.00
Weight, g 11.17
Side surface Corrugated
Engraved by: Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of Kazakhstan
Averse Reverse
In the center of the coin face you can see a man and the universe in the background. On the right of the man there is 50 ??ң?? Kazakh legend, on a circumference there is Қ???қ???? ???????????? Republic of Kazakhstan legend.
On the underside of the coin there is a cosmonaut on star-studded background, on the top you can see Ғ???? - ?????? legend. In the bottom there is Space legend and 2006 engrave year. This series of coins is devoted to remarkable events in the space researches and understanding of the mysteries of the universe. Prominent binding is on the circumference.
Mintage 50000 pcs.

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