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Fascinating world of jewelry... Majestic sanctuary of beauty and harmonyUnique jewelry sets for those who dont accept any other standards but the highest.


Wedding rings and pendants are made of gold and silver.

The Mint also fulfils individual orders for exclusive gold and silver jewelry sets for men and women cuff links, tie clasps, earrings and bracelets with natural precious stones. It is remarkable that keeping pace with processing techniques development the Mint always focuses upon design aspects to breathe life into jewelry whose mission is to give its owner hope, joy and protection. Variety of images and applied techniques give birth to variety of marvelous jewelry sets.

Bracelets, brooches, pendants, rings, necklaces and earrings are made for fair ladies who want to feel queens irrespective of their actual social status; cuff links, tie clasps, badges and seal rings - for successful and gallant gentlemen who always uphold their reputation and come off victorious from the toughest conflicts.


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